Rapture Of the Deep

Rapture of the Deep is Dave’s first Novel.  The E-Book is out.  Print and e-book editions are available online and in a number of local and regional outlets.  Here is a taste of what you can expect.


Joe “Puck” Johnson is a master carpenter. He is quiet, thoughtful, and passionately loves his deeply scarred wife. Their separation, unwanted, painful, and immersed in unfinished business, is now punctuated by this unfathomable loss.

Tom Hyden is a high profile banker. He has the perfect home, the perfect wife, the perfect child, the perfect everything; yet beneath the surface of his well manicured life Tom carries a dark and shameful secret.

These life long friends find their families disintegrating and their lives twisting apart, the result of events they cannot talk about, even with each other.

So Tom and Joe are lost, and they must now take a journey that for one will lead to tragedy and the other redemption.

Soft Cover 

Hard Cover 

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