Yes, It’s plastic wrap! (Worship Set & Prayer Wall)

Yes, It’s plastic wrap! (Worship Set & Prayer Wall)

I love to play with light.  I love using common, everyday materials to create great looking sets, sets that create a worshipful mood.

In this one, we started with wood frames we made out of 1×2 pine.  After that it was plastic wrap (over the frames, plastic chicken fencing (for the prayer wall), and pvc (for the prayer wall blackout box) covered with black cloth.  Everything is lit with Chauvet Tri-Six Freedom Pars. See the photos below)

The prayer wall is used by the entire congregation as a place to bring their cares, joys, sorrows, etc.  They simply jot the first name of a person, or a concern on a note card, roll it up, and stick it on the wall.  It is my hope that, by Christmas time, our wall will be holding 5,000 prayers.

Total cost was $75.00.

Plastic03    Plastic06     Plastic05   plastic04    Plastic01